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Texx's 1/6 Military Figure Site

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Texx's 1/6 Military Site!!!

Hey guys, well this is my new 1/6 military figure site.  This is dedicated t the hobby of collecting 1/6 military figures.  That includes GI JOE, the Ultimate Soldier, Dragon Models, and Blue Box Toys.  I plan to post pics of my own figures, and will post pics of you guy's figures.  This is a free site so there are no criteria you must reach they can be any brand, as long as they have something to do with the military.  If you wish to send pics in please email them to me at  There will be a forum here that I will put up all I ask is that you follow a few simple rules:
  1. No innapropriate posts, that includes foul language, racist post will not be allowed on to this site. 
  2. Trade lists will be accepted but if there is a trade that goes wrong whoever's fault it was they will be banmd from the site.  If you do trade you will trade fairly and will not send broken items to he recipiant. 

Other than that this site is open and ready please just enjoy the site and send in your pics I will update the site Monday thru Friday.  Well enjoy.


sincerly,  Kevin Thompson {site director}

the Ultimate Soldier Unnoficial Fan Page the place that got me started you'll find me there as Texx check this site out!!!

Another member of the Ultimate Soldier Unnoficial Fan Page. This site belongs to fellow 1/6 collector Storm he is a really cool guy you'll find alot of cool stuff on this guys site!!!

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