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Well this is my first kitbash report it is on well the same thing as my first review, the Ultimate Soldier Panzergrenaidier Stalingrad 1943.  Well I started out with everything it came with:  Reversible Winter Jacket and Pants, Whitewashed helmet, Werhmacht tunic, Werhmacht belt, Jackboots, Tan breadbag, Gasmask canister, canteen, PPSHK sub machinegun, PPSHK ammo puch.  Well I wanted to turn this German Werhmacht Panzergrenaidier ho is suppost to be on the eastern front into a Waffen SS winter soldier fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.  The first thing I did was get rid of everthing but the jacket, pants, and helmet.  I replaced the Werhmacht tunic with a Dragon Waffen SS tunic, I then replaced the Werhmacht belt with a Dragon SS belts and all the gear with Dragon gear, I replaced the weapon with a 21st Kar 98k.  I then took a small brush a painted over the Werhamcht decals on the helmet, then I took an SS cuff title that I got in a dragon boxed set that I never used and put it on the sleve of the coat and put a pair of Dragon jackboots on the German soldier and bam I had a 1st SS Panzer Division Winter fighter.  I will include pics asap.  Well if you have any kitbashed figures you would like to send pics of or write about just email them to me and I will get them posted. 

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