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Well this is the reviews page I will post reviews on new and old figures that I have if you have a review you would like posted just emial it to me and I will post it, if you want you can include pics, thanx Kevin

       {STLAINGRAD 1943}
I bought this figure from another member of the Ultimate Soldier Unnoficial Fan Page.  It is by far my favorite 1/6 German figure, one of my favorite thing about it is the coat it is nice and bulky so it looks like it will keep your figures warm.  Another is gloved hands that came with the figure, even though I replaced the figure with a GI JOE vintage body with a SOTW head sculpt.  It also come with a Russian PPSH k which was favored by the German soldiers fighting in Russia.  I myself used the uniform for a kitbash in which I replaced the 21st Jackboots with Dragon ones and replaced the gear on the belt with dragon gear and replaced the PPSHK with a German Kar 98k.  You can read about the kitbash on the kitbash page.  This was a great leap forward by 21st Century Toys you got this figure when you bought two fully priced ultimate soldier figures from K&B Toys.  This is an excelent figure and if you get the chance to get it take it.  Well thats my first review not much of one I know but they will get better lol thanx, K

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