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1939- September- Adolf Hitler decides to postpone the start of the war to allow the German Navy to build up to match that of Great Britain. October- Not waiting for Germany Joseph Stalin orders for Soviet forces to invade and occupy Poland. September- Great Britain and France who pleged to protect Polish freedom declare war on the Soviet Union. October- Germany agrees to allow Britsh and French troops to move on German territory to meet the Soviets in Poland. November- Soviet forces attack East Prussia and prepare to occupy the small German territory. December- Germany declares war on the Soviet Union and invades Poland and soon pushes the large but inadequetly armed Soviet forces.

1940- January- German, British, and French forces invade the Soviet Union and soon destroy the Soviet Army. Febuary- Hitler orders German forces to halt their advance at St. Petersburg and to allopw the British and French to take the rest of the Soviet Union, although this is widley disagreed with. March- British and French forces are bogged down in heavy fighting in Stalingrad and they suffer many casualties, Britain sends more and more troops to the Soviet Union. Seeing a chance for a land grab Japan declares war ont he Soviet Union and invades western Russia. April- Germany orders for all German forces to return to Germany. May- Great Britain and France sign a peace treaty with Stalin and the Soviet Union agrees that all land conquered by Britain, France, and Germany will be divided among the three on occupation zones. {Germany gets St. Petersburg to Moscow, Britain gets Moscow to Stalingrad, and France gets Stalin grad and the surrounding area.} However soon most of the three nations troops are withdrew. June- Britain moves their forces into France. July- Adolf Hitler in a massive and supprising move invades the rest of the Soviet Union and soon destroys whats left of the Soviet military and then moves all the way to eastern Siberia. August- The Soviet Union is disolved and Joseph Stalin is forced into hiding. September- German and Japanese forces meet for the first time in eastern Russia but for only a moment. October- Adolf Hitler directly orders the German commander in Russia Field Marshall Erwin Rommel to continue into Japanese territory and to invade the Japanese home islands as soon as possible. November- German forces defeat Japanese troops in Russia and then move swiftly into China then into Korea. The Japanese government at first thinks it is a mistake and orders their ambassador in Germany to request a meeting with Hitler but when the ambassador arrives at Hitlers Chancellory Building he is arrested and executed. December- The German Navy is ordered to sail to Russia to defeat the Japanese Navy. In light of the recent wars US President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders for the US Army, Air Corps, and Navy to be built up and modernized.

1941- January- German forces defeat most of the Japanese troops in Korea and China and then halt to prepare for an invasion of the home islands. Febuary- The German Navy defeats the Japanese at the Battle of the East China Sea in which 5 Japanese carriers are destroyed by the German U-Boat forces. March- German forces invade the Japanese home islands and soon begin a bloody occupation. April- Most of the offensive German forces are withdrawn back to Germany and Russia. German foorces leave China and recognize the Nationalist Federation of China however the United Democracy of China and Japan is formed on the island of Tiawan. May- German forces return to Germany and prepare for any other war that may come. June- The German Army masses on the French border but does not move. November- The US Navy unveils to the world a great number of Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, and Submarines that have been built partly to bluff against the Germans.


Civil Conflict


1860- November- President Lincoln is elected as the 16th President of the United States. December- South Carolina living up to its promis seceedes from the Union. President Lincoln orders for the US Navy to bombard Charelston Bay.

1861- January- Outraged at this attack five more states seceede in the following order Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and North Carolina seceede and form the Confederate States of America electing Jefforison Davis as President and Alexander Stephens as Vice-President, with its capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. President Lincoln calls for 75,000 volunteers to be mustered to quell the rebellion. Febuary- In light of this Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas seceede and Maryland is poised to when federal troops occupy the state. March- US and CS forces clash in northern Virginia resulting in a massive Union victory over the ragtag CS Army. April- CS President Davis appoints Colonel Robert E. Lee commander of all CS forces and promotes him to the rank of Major-General. April- General Lee defeats Union forces at the Battle of the Potomic. May- General In Chief of the US Army George McClellan orders General Ulysses S. Grant to prepare for an invasion of Tennessee. September- Union forces commanded by Grant invade Tennessee quickly surrounding Nashville but not before the State government relocates to Memphis. October- General Grant leads his Army down the Mississippi River towards Memphis defeating the CS troops there. CS President Davis orders General Thomas Jackson to lead a detachment of the Army of Virginia into Tennessee to assist General Johnston. November- The Tennessee State government relocates to the riverside town of Clifton. December- The Army of Northern Virginia led by General James H. Longstreet breaks the Union lines and is able to push within 23 miles of Washington.

1862- January- CS troops are severly defeated at the Battle of Memphis, the CS Army retreats to the small town of Savannah. Febuary- General Grant prepares to attack Savannah and destroy the CS forces. CS troops are beaten back from Washington but are severly defeated at the 2nd Battle of the Potomic in which General McClellan is considered to be incapable of leading an Army and is dismissed and releaved from duty by US President Lincoln. March- Britain states that only if the CSA can prove to them tht they can survive as a nation wil they recognie the Confederacy. April- US troops are completley cought off guard when the CS Army leads a massive attack against US forces at Shiloh, Tennessee, the battle rages for three day after which the Confederate Army suprises and defeats the Union Army. General Ulysses S. Grant and the Union Army retreat north to Nashville. When Grant reaches Nashville he finds that the city has been abandoned and finds that the Confederate Army led by General Jackson is encamped less than 50 miles away.

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