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US and Chinese Planes Collide

BY: Kevin T. Thompson

2001- April 1- A US and Chinese plane collides with one another one Chinese MIG crashes the other MIG thinking the US plane rammed the MIG on purpose locks on to the US C130. The US plane radios back to US Pacific Command, at Pearl Harbor: "We have been painted, I say again we have been painted by a Chinese MIG over international waters wait a minute wait, wait, wai-" then the line goes dead. President Bush is informed of the attack by the Chinese, he orders the US military to set for Defcon 3 and orders for the US Navy to fire multiple CRUISE missles at Chinese military targets and for US Attack Submarines to get into position off the Chinese coast. April 2- The Chinese government condems the attack and orders for all US nationals in China to be arrested. The US Embassy in Bejing is overrun by a large scale Chinese force the ambassador escapes to the Britsh Embassy in Hong Kong and then is flown to Tiawan. Chinese military installations are struck by US missles. US aircraft begin bobing campaine against Chinese forces. April 3- NORAD reads an ICBM launch originating in China they detect 11 missles 4 heading for US forces in South Korea, 4 headed for Japan, and three are fired at the US mainland with unknown targets. All but 1 of the missles are maracuously brought down by US Patriot Defense missles. however one strikes a large US military base in South Korea killing 3,700 American and Korean soldiers and government workers. President Bush in response orders the US military to set for Defcon 1 and orders US Nucular Attack Submarines to fire a volly of 11 ICBM's at Chinese government and military installations. Most of China's nucular capabilities are destroyed. April 4- Russian border guards refuses to allow Chinese military forces to enter Russia and in response Chinese MIG's attack the border station killing 189 Russian soldiers. Russian President Vladimere Putin outraged fires 15 ICBM's at Chinese military targets. April 5- US forces prepare for an invasion of China. Russia pledges there support for the USA, in response to this China fires 2 ICBM's at Russia killing 4,096 Russians. April 6- The UN condems the attack on China by the USA and Russian and they strip the USA of there seat on the Security Counsel and oreders them not to invade China and Secretary General Kofi Annan orders a full investigation to be held to invastigate the USA's actions. April 7- President Bush calls for an emergency session of Congress. He states to the Congress: "We were one of the nations who helped buld the United Nations and we have constantly seen them stab us in the back again and again, unitl now I the President of the United States of America say no more. I am asking you the men and weomen elected by the great people of this great nation to repeal the UN Charter and for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations. Freedom will allways prevail over tyrany we will not rest until those who caused this tradgedy are brought to justice. Where we bring our enemies to justice, or justice to our enemies, justice will be done." The Congress stays in session for 11 hours finally the count is unanamous all but one, in favor. The UN Charter is repealed. April 7- The United States officially withdraws from the UN and the US seat is left empty. President Bush orders a Congressional Hearing called the Situation Commison to take place to investigate the UN's actions and orders Kofi Annan to testify, he refuses. April 8- Under heavy pressure the Chinese communist government collapses after a military coup suceeds in replacing it with the Democratic Federation of China. April 9- President Bush orders the UN to leave New York City and to find another place for there permanent compound, Kopfi Annan states that it is international land and refuses. President Bush gives the UN an ultimatum, they have 48 hours to vacate the building and either return to there own nations or to there emabssy's. Russia, the UK, South Korea, Austalia, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Belorus, Spain, Isreal, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa all withdraw from the UN. April 10- Kuwait, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Norway, Finnland, Sweden, and Austriawithdraw from the UN. US forces invade China but instead of being ocupyers there are treated as liberators, the Democratic Federation of China agrees to any term the US has and ask for recognition. April 11- Kofi Annan still refuses to move. President Bush orders the National Guard and F.B.I to remove them by force and at 4:30 PM the compund is stormed the small guard force is overrun quickly and Kofi Annan is taken into custody, so is any member who refused to leave among them is the French ambassador to the UN. Former Chinese leader Hu Jinato is captured by US forces so is the majority of the top ranking government officills. French President Jac Chirac outraged at the arrest orders the ambassador to be releaed immediatley the US refuses stating they need to question him first. The Democratic Federation of China is officially recognized by the USA on the condition that China disband there nucular program and Tiawan be allowed to be recgnized as a nation. April 12- Hong Cong declares itself fully independent from China and request entrance into the Commonwealth of Nations. France in response to the US refusal to free the French ambassador breaks diplomatic ties and evacuates its embassy. April 19- President Bush proposes the Freedom Alliance {F.A.} to all the nations who withdrew from the UN all but Poland accept. The FA is set up where the US, the UK, and Russia play the biggest part and have permanent seats on the Security Cousel and every major counsel and can never be voted off, also the US, UK, and Russia {the fouders as they come to be called} also give much of the money and military forces and can veto anything the General Assembely votes and can pass resolutions on anything, in other words its like the UN except the founders have much much more power and the General President of the FA must be a native of one of the founder nations. Senator John McCaine of Arizona is elected the first General President of the FA. April 20- French President Chirac once again demands the ambassador released and threatens war if the USA refuses. President Bush in response states: "France is a nation who the United States has saved twice and have helped over the years and like the UN has stabbed us in the back yet again. And in response to President Chirac's threats I personally think thats a bold move by a nation who has surrendured in every war they have ever been in." After the speech thousands of Americans celebrate, in a poll taken by Fox News it is learned that the President's support level is 97% the highest of any President in history. April 21- Kofi Annan tesitys before the Situation Commision. The UN officially relocates to Paris, France. French missles strike the USS Memphis while sailing through the English Channel. President Bush orders US missles to be fired from US bases in Germany. French ICBM's are fired at US military targets but all are brought down by Patriots. President Bush in retaliation orders US aircraft to begin an air assault on French military targets. April 22- Thousands of Fremch protesters of the war are fired o in Paris and President Chirac dispands the democratic government and desolves the Frnch Republic instead re-creating a Napolianic type government stating that he is "Emporer of the French Empire. France pleads with the UN for assistance but the UN who has now lost most of its money and military forces since the US, Russia, and the UK left. President Bush orders US forces in Germany to prepare to invade France. April 30- After a large air campaine French nucular forces are desemated. May 1- US forces invade France, the French Army attempts a defense at Nancy but the force is destroyed before they can do much. May 2- A large portion of the French Army surrendures. The US Army are once again treated like liberatorsas in WW1 and WW2. May 6- US forces come wiothin 14 miles of Paris, "Emporer" Chira flees on a plane to Switzerland but the Swiss government detains him. May 7- Paris is captured by US forces, US troops are also once again treated as liberators to an opresive regime. May 9- Tiawan is officially recognized by the F.A. and China. May 10- Hong Kong is recognized by the FA, China is allowed to join the FA. May 11- The UN is officially disbanded. President Bush states that the former UN headquarters will now be the permanent headquarters of the Freedom Allaince. The officiall outline of the FA's agenda is drawn up it will provide humanatarian and m,ilitary assistance where needed and no retrictions are given to FA peacekeeping forces. The FA also takes resonsability for former UN Peacekeeping Missions around the world. May 12- The French government collapses under presure from the peopla and US forces it is replaced with a US and now a FA force{mainly British, Russian, and Canadian}. May 16- The Federal Republic of France is proclaimed with Piere Monfreze as President. May 17- The Swiss government agrees to turn over Chirac in exchange for membership in the FA. May 30- Former President Jac Chirac is flown to New York for a trial by the World Court of the FA. June 1- Chirac's trial begins he is charged with the murder of 239 American sailors killed on the USS Memphis, he is also charged with the murder of 579 French citizens who were killed while protesting the attack on the Memphis. July 23- Kofi Annan is charged with neglecting his duties as Secretary General of the United Nation's after it is dicovered a massive conspiracy between the UN and Iraq in the "Food for Oil" Progrmae which Kofi Annan's family personally profited from he is ordered to appear to before the Worl Court. Hu Janito is also brought up onm the charge of the murder of 3,700 American soldiers and for an unprovoked attack on a sovergn nation. August 16- The President's popularity level continues to remain above 90% and almost all of the country supports the war in France and the withdrawing from the UN. In light of a terror alert security is beefed up dramatically at airports in the US. September 11- Multiple persons are found attempting to board aircraft carrying boxcutters and are detained and it is later found that Usama bin Laden is behind the attampted attack. September 19 it is found out by US spyplanes and unmanned Predators that bin Laden is residing at a terroist training camp on the Afgani-Pakistan border President Bush orders and ICBM to be fired at Afganistan and for all terrorist camps to be destroyed. However it is discovered that bin Laden escaped before the missles struck and was able to get to a region of Afganistan known as Tora Bora. September 20- The Taliban government condems the attack and fires on a US aircraft inside Pakistan the plane is a commercial plane and crashes killing 89 Aermicans. Septmber 21- President Bush orders US CRUISE missles to be fired at Taliban facilities and for US troops to prepare to invade. September 22- President Bush states to the world: "You're either with us or against us." Pakistan pledges there support for the USA. September 23- The FA ok's the US to go into Afganistan. September 24- Iraq condems the attack on Afganistan and proposes an allaince between Iran, Iraq, and Afganistan all three agree. October 11- The Union of Islamic Nations {UIN} is created based in Basra, Iraq. October 12- Iran goes public to thye world stating that thyey now possess nucular weapons. October 13- US troops invade Afganistan and soon take hold of much of southern part of the country, as the Northern Allaince controls the north. October 14- President Bush adresses at the first regular session of the FA, he states that Iran is a terrrosit nation, who we cannot allw to possess weapons of mass distruction. The FA agrees to pass a resoluition against Iran and imposes mass econnomic sanctions until they agree to give up there nucular weapons. General President McCaine states that the saftey of the free nations of the world can never be threatened by terror. October 15- Kandahar falls to Coalition forces {US, British, Russian, Australian, Canadain} and they then prepare to move on Kabul. November 19- All of Afganistan except for Kabul is now under Coalition control. The Taliban have made Kabul a city fortress. November 20- Hearing reports of mass murder, rape, and looting inside the city General Tommy Franks decides to take the city now. November 21- Kabul falls to Coalition forces. November 22- All of Afganistan is now under US conftrol, all terrorist camps are destroyed. November 23- Usama bin Laden and a few of his followers barakade themselves in a cave in southern Afganistan known as Tora Bora. November 24- General Franks orders mass bombing runs to take place against the region where bin Laden is. December 14- After a very very long battle bin Laden is discovered hiding behind a table in a cave he has two weapons at his side an AK-74 and a grendae he uses neither but surrendures to a US soldier. December 15- President Bush announces the capture of bin Laden and the nation erupts in celebration. President Bush states that bin Laden will be tried by the World Court in New York City. Iran attempting to show there power detonates a far obsolite but still very powerfull Hydrogen Bomb in the remnote desert bordering Afganistan. The FA orders Iran to cease nucular tests or they will respond with action. December 16- Syria joins the Union of Islamic Nations, soon followed by Libya and the Sudan.

2002- January 4- The Situation Commision publishes its findings they conclude that the UN had failed its original reason for creation it had not helped nations that needed to be helped. They also state that Former Secretary General Kofi Annan is partially liable for this and they also state that he personally profitited from the Oil for Food Scandel and there recomendation is he be held for no less than 25 years inside a South African prison in the desert. January 5- Hu Janito's trial ends he is found guilty of 3,700 counts of murder in the first degree, the murder of 189 Russian soldiers, and for operating an opressive regime on a people. He is sentenced to to death by the gas chamber but President Bush overturns this stating he will die from lethal injection this will show the United States gives even top those who donot deserve it. January 19- Jac Chirac's trial ends he is found guilty of the murder of 239 American sailors and the murder of 579 French citizens he is sentenced to life in prison. Febuary 19- Hu Janito are executed by lethal injection, both in New York City. Usama bin Laden's trial begins in New York City. Febuary 20- President Bush announces major combat operations in Afganistan are over. Febuary 21- President Bush announces the construction of the Scrafice Memorial deticated to all the Americans kiled in the recent wars it is due to open on April 1, 2005 exactly four years after the first attack by the Chinese. June 3- Three planes hijacked in Mexico by Islamic extremist crash into three different cities, Memphis, Atlanta, and New York all three were international flights, three planes kill 1,200 people in Russia, and two planes in Britain kill 2,093. The attack kills 3,923 people most of whch when the World Trade Center collapses. June 20- It is discovered that the one who funded and coordinated the attack is none other than Saddam Huessain. July 4- President Bush in an adress to the nation after US and Coalition aircraft strike targets in Iraq, states: " We have been attacked beyond belife, there is mass damage, and many dead but if I may say one thing, those responsible for this attack will be brought to justice, whether we bring our enemies to justice, or justice to our enemies justice will be done. It may be fate that this day is the fourth of July and we are once again fighting for our freedom, freedom that word should have new meaning for all of us now, not freedom from persacution, tyranny, or opression but from anihalation we're fighting for our right to live, to exist as a nation. Now the fourth of July will no longer be known as just an American holiday but when the free nations off the world stated in one voice we will not go quietly into the night, we won't give up without a fight, we're going to live on we're going to survive, today we celebrate our independence day!" After the speech the entire nation erupts into a frenzy of patriotism. July 29- US and Coaltion troops invade Iraq soon overrunning the nation and within a few days the national government collpses. August 9- US forces take Baghdad and are once again treated as liberators, Saddam is captured attempting to escape the city dressed like a weomen he is taken to Kuwait and is prepared to be flown to New York City. August 16- All of Iraq falls to Coalition troops. August 21- Saddam Hussein is secretly flown to New York City and is prepared to appear before the Worl Court. President Bush is there waiting, the President personally speaks to Saddam who breaks down into tears and begs for his life, Preident Bush merly states: "Whatever happens you've brought it upon yourself.

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