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This site is dedicated to the men and weomen who right now andwho have fought in the past for the idea of Freedom.  Also thios site is dedicated to the people of the United States of America.  God Bless You and May God Continue to Bless America!!!


Well this is my new Alternate History Site I plan to post my own Alternate History timelines.  If you have a timeline you would like added to this iste just email it to me and I will post it asap.  If you do decide to send your timelines in please include your name, your email adress, and the subject of your timeline.  I am very interested in Civil War and WW2 timelines but I will accept any timeline as long as it meets these few simple rules: 

  1. No foul language, no critisizing the United States government {that includes President Bush, Clinton or anyother member that has served this great nation.
  2. No inapropriate timelines.

Other than that I am open to anything.  If you want to include a map of your timeline {Ex.  A map of the CSA in the future or NAZI Germany after winning WW2} send it and I will post it ASAP.  Also if you know other people that like alternate history let them know about the site.  Also make sure and checkout some of my links and go to other alternate history sites these are really cool.  If you have an idea you would like posted please email me at


Thanx,   confederate_1


PS:  For any African American visitors this site and its name does not suppport slavery.  My ancestors fought for their home state during the Civil War, I or no one in my family is a racist or supports the evil and unjust thought of slavery.




Great Alternate History site make sure to visit it!!!

Another great alternate history site, the first AH site I ever went to make sure and visit this place.

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